Our Interest Rates are changing

In response to the recent RBA decision to increase the cash rate by 0.25% we are making some adjustments to our variable home loan interest rates.

 An increase to our existing home loan rates and the interest rates for new lending will be effective from Thursday 15th June, 2023.

What is Changing?

Increase in Rates for New Lending

  • Variable rate Owner Occupied and Investment loans increasing by 0.25%
  • Owner Occupied & Investment Freedom Package Revert Variable rate increasing by 0.25%
  • Home Loan Plus (Bridging Loan) Standard Variable IO increasing by 0.25%

Existing Home Loan Reference Rates

  • Owner Occupied Home Loans increasing by 0.25%
  • Investment Home Loans increasing by 0.25%
  • Lines of Credit increasing by 0.25%

What is not changing?

  • Fixed Rates are not changing, however the comparison rates have been updated to reflect the changes to the Revert Rate
  • Fixed rate pricing for existing home loans
  • Investor 0.20% Bonus Rate Discount Campaign will continue to be available. See our Broker Website for full details or speak to your BRM.

Things you need to know:

  • Home Guarantee Scheme (HGS) applicants are only eligible for the 70.1% to 80% LVR band (includes Basic Home Loan rates, Freedom Package Variable & Fixed rates).
  • For Existing Home Loan Customers who wish to fix their loan, regardless of their LVR refer to the new Existing Loans – Switch to Fixed/Refixing interest rate schedule.
  • Updated Home Loan Key Facts Sheet will also be available from Thursday 15th June, 2023
  • Updated downloadable Rate Information Guides with full details for all of our current interest rates for Owner Occupied and Investment Home loans will be available here from Thursday 15th June, 2023.


Any offers listed above are not available on the following:

  • Existing customers loans
  • Loans to overseas residents

Please refer to our Home Loan Rate Information Guides for any new loans with the above purposes.

Fixed Rate Home Loans:
For fixed rate loans, the standard fixed rate process will always apply. Please refer to the Fixed Rate and Rate Lock Information Guide available from the broker website for more information. Rate Lock is not available for preapproval loan applications.

Impact on existing home loan applications in our pipeline:

1. Applications quoted but not yet received (loans not yet submitted as at midnight 14th June, 2023): 

  • FIXED (No Change)  
  • VARIABLE (Rates Increasing) – Interest rate will be the new interest rate applicable from 15th June, 2023.

2. Applications received prior to midnight 14th June, 2023, but not yet approved (does not include pre-approvals):

  • FIXED (No change)
  • VARIABLE (Rates Increasing) – Interest Rate will be the new interest rate applicable on the 15th June, 2023.  

 3. Applications Approved (includes loan approved prior to midnight 14th June, 2023 - documented or not documented):

  • FIXED (No changes)
  • VARIABLE (Rates Increasing) – The interest rate increase of 0.25% will be applied at settlement.

4. Loan Applications that have settled:

  • FIXED (no change) – There is no impact to loans that have settled.
  • VARIABLE  – The applicable reference rate will increase by 0.25%, therefore increasing the interest rate by 0.25%.