Loan Application Process

Understanding the key aspects of our loan application process will support a faster decision outcome and a better experience for your client.

We encourage you to contact your BRM to discuss any aspect of the process you are unsure of, or if you have a particular scenario you would like to discuss prior to submitting an application.

Verification of Identity (VOI)

Auswide Bank has to ensure all applicants and guarantors have been identified to meet AML/CTF requirements, as well as the Verification of Identity (VOI) standards for all conveyancing matters associated with PEXA and Australian State and Territories title / land departments.

General Information

To ensure mortgage brokers meet Auswide Bank's requirements, one of the two options must be used for VOI


If you are meeting the customer face-to face physically, you can use MSA IDYou In-Person VOI and complete the Verification of Identity to meet both our AML/CTF and VOI requirements.

MSA IDyou has a remote option that allows you to complete the verification of your customer when you are unable to physically meet them face to face. Your customers can securely send you photos of their identity documents. It is the broker's responsibility to verify their authenticity and arrange a video call with them during which time you will be prompted to take a photograph of them. This is a mandatory requirement to completing your remote VOI.

The preferred, and industry best practice, when prompted is to take a photograph of your customer holding one of their forms of identification up beside their face.

Visit on your desktop, mobile or tablet and log in using your username and password provided by MSA National and select Auswide Bank from the Lender list.

If you require a username and password, go to or if need to reset your password visit

For general information on using MSA IDYou In-Person or Remote VOI visit their website

Australia Post

If the customer is unable to meet face-to-face physically to verify their identity, they can take one of the following forms to Australia Post, along with the correct required identity documents to be identified there. There is no fee to the customer for this service. Auswide Bank pays this fee on the customer's behalf.

Please use the 'Australia Post National VOI form - Auswide Bank

To assist the customer to find their closest participating Australia Post they can call 13 POST (13 76 78) or visit Australia Post’s Services locator website.

If you require any assistance with regards to VOI please contact your Broker Relationship Manager or email us at

Loan Application

Help your customer take the next step towards achieving their home ownership dreams.

General Information

All Broker loan applications need to be lodged electronically through ApplyOnline®*. Access is available to ApplyOnline via:

Pre-approval Applications are only available for Home Guarantee Scheme applications. Pre-approval applications are NOT fully assessed but the decision is a data driven assessment.

Full assessment of the application is completed when the application is converted to a full application and all supporting documents is requested.

Home Guarantee Scheme loan applications are required to have a Scheme Place Reservation Confirmation PRIOR to lodging the home loan application. Do not lodge a Loan application without the Reservation Confirmation number specified on the Loan Application Summary Form as it will be withdrawn. 

For Home Guarantee Scheme applications refer to our Home Guarantee Scheme page. 

Lodging Your Application

When lodging your application in ApplyOnline, you will need to fully complete and provide the documents detailed below, which are auto populated. Documents must be printed from ApplyOnline by using their print function. Note: All signatures are required to be 'wet' signatures on our forms. 

  • Loan Summary Form
  • Loan Application Form
  • Responsible Lending Summary
  • Broker Declaration
  • New Client Maintenance Form

Other Documents required can be found in our Document Hub:

  • Auswide Bank Quick Qualifier Serviceability Calculator
  • Australia Post National VOI form - Auswide Bank
  • All supporting documents as stated in our Supporting Documents Checklist

If Lenders Mortgage Insurance is required, you will also need to provide:

  • QBE LMI Checklist
  • QBE LMI Premium Calculator
  • QBE LMI Servicing Capacity Calculator

These are available on:

Lodging Supporting Documentation

Please read the Supporting Documents checklist carefully, to ensure that all required supporting documents for the application are provided.

Supporting Documents need to be uploaded to the Supporting Documents Tab in ApplyOnline. The mandatory documents required must be provided as a minimum in order to be able to submit the application.

Once the application has been submitted in ApplyOnline, the Supporting Documents will be sent to our Computershare validation/ verification system.   

If there are any supporting documents that are missing or do not meet the requirements as set out on our Supporting Documents Checklist the Broker will receive a Missing Information Required (MIR) email listing any documents that they will need to provide or correct.

Once the outstanding MIR documents have been collated by the broker, they will need to be emailed to with only the 9 digit Lender ID reference in the subject line. Once they are received, they will be validated/verified by Computershare.

If the MIR documents requested are not sent to the correct email address we will not be able to progress the assessment of your application.

It is critical that you are aware of the correct supporting documents lodgement process and factors that can affect your application.

Find the instructions on the correct process in our downloadable guide, How to Lodge Your Loan, available in our Document Hub

For any queries regarding applications in-flight please contact

If you require assistance with the supporting documentation process or would like some coaching on the process please contact your Broker Relationship Manager directly to arrange or email

Paper applications or applications submitted to us via email are no longer accepted.

Requesting an Upfront Valuation

Auswide Bank uses Corelogic's PropertyHub portal to provide Brokers accredited with us the opportunity to request upfront valuations prior to lodging their application with us.

To access our Upfront Valuation Solution please click on the following link to the PropertyHub log-in page:

Full details on how to register, how to use our Upfront Valuation solution, and how to lodge an application with an upfront valuation, are set out in our Guide Upfront Valuations with Auswide Bank.

If you require any additional assistance, please contact your Broker Relationship Manager.

Customer Onboarding

At Auswide Bank we take care of your customers by placing them at the center of everything we do to ensure we meet any other banking needs the customer may have as part of their home loan journey with us.

Making a difference to customers is important to us. In supporting our broker partners to assist with customer support we know it can be the small things that make a big difference. 

Please refer to our Broker Customer Onboarding Map for full details of our customer onboarding program during their home loan journey.

Important things you should know

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