Interest Rate Update

With the ever changing nature of the market currently, Auswide Bank has reviewed our new to bank variable rates and are reducing some of our variable rates for both owner occupied and investment lending.

The changes to our new to bank interest rates will be effective from Thursday 28th September, 2023.

What is Changing?

Increase in Rates for New Lending  

New Loans

  • Owner Occupied Home Loan Variable Principal & Interest rates decreasing:
    • 60.01% to 70% LVR band
    • 70.01% to 80% LVR band
    • 80.01% to 90% LVR band
  • Variable Investment Principal & Interest, Interest Only and Owner Occupied Interest Only rates
    • 80.01% to 90% LVR band
  • Owner Occupied Revert Variable
    • 60.01% to 70% LVR band
    • 70.01% to 80% LVR band
    • 80.01% to 90% LVR band
  • Investment Revert Variable
    • 80.01% to 90% LVR band
  • Comparison Rates for Fixed loans where the revert variable is changing

What is Not Changing?

  • Reference rates for existing Home Loans, Business Loans and Personal Loans.
  • Fixed Interest Rates for Owner Occupied and Investment loans
  • Interest Rates for Owner Occupied and Investment Lines of Credit.
  • Home Loan Plus (Bridging Loan) Owner Occupied Interest Only variable rates.
  • Investor Bonus Campaign – Investment loan still receives 0.20% discount when Owner Occupied loan is also brought to Auswide.

What are the new Owner Occupied & Investment Rates?

Updated Rate Information Guides with full details for all of our current interest rates for Owner Occupied and Investment Home loans will be available here from Thursday 28th September, 2023.

Any offers listed above are not available on the following: 

  • Existing customer loans
  • Loans to overseas residents

Please refer to our Home Loan Rate Information Guides for any new loans with the above purposes.

Things you need to know

  • Home Guarantee Scheme (HGS) applicants are only eligible for the 70.1% to 80% LVR band (includes Basic Home Loan rates, Freedom Package Variable & Fixed rates).
  • For Existing Home Loan Customers who wish to fix their loan, regardless of their LVR refer to the new Existing Loans – Switch to Fixed/ Refixing interest rate schedule.
  • Updated Home Loan Key Facts Sheet will also be available from Thursday 28th September, 2023

Fixed Rate Home Loans :
For fixed rate loans, the standard fixed rate process will always apply. Please refer to the Fixed Rate and Rate Lock Information Guide available from the Documents Hub for more information.  Rate Lock is not available for preapproval loan applications.