Home Guarantee Scheme Fee Waiver Campaign is finishing soon

We wish to advise that our current Home Guarantee Scheme Campaign Offer is closing on the 31st January 2024.

What does this mean?

Home Guarantee Scheme applications submitted after midnight 31st January 2024 will no longer be eligible to receive the fee waivers that were available under the HGS Fee Waiver campaign.  
Our standard application and package fees will apply.

Applications in Progress

For Home Guarantee Scheme applications, including pre-approvals, which were received prior to 1st February 2024 we will continue to apply the following campaign fee waiver to eligible loans.
   •    $0 Establishment fee on our Basic Home Loan
   •    $0 Annual Package fee for first 2 years on our Freedom Package Home Loans

If you have any questions regarding the details of the changes please don't hesitate to contact your Broker Relationship Manager or our Broker Support team.