2023 –2022 HGS Scheme Places Still Available

If you work with First Home Buyers grab a 2022 Scheme place for your client before the 30th June 2023 and give them a head start.

Auswide Bank has Scheme places still available under the 2022 Scheme.

Simply lodge a reservation application form with required documents and complete a pre-approval application once the reservation has been confirmed. Your clients will have a head start as they will have 3 months to secure a property and convert their reservation from the date of their pre-approval and won't need to provide a 2023 ATO Notice of Assessment.

Waiting for a place under new Scheme means from the 1st July 2023 clients will need to provide their 2023 ATO Notice of Assessment to the lender before the full approval can be finalised. Contact your BRM for more details or find out more here